Friday, 19 July 2019

Final Reflections

Each student summing up their time in Malawi...

“Crazy experience and very rewarding. Hope to do similar things in the future.” Sasha Wolcough

“An amazing experience, met some of the sweetest people in the world and hope to do something like this again.” Tabs Emmott

“An experience of a life time that I will cherish forever. I can now see why Malawi is known as the warm heart of Africa.” Ella Leeson

“Trip has opened my eyes and taught me a lot about life -very rewarding.” Jade Young

“Definitely the most amazing experience of my life and it will be remembered forever! It has widened my horizons. I am delighted I come.” Bells Capurro

“An amazing trip. I learned so much from how people build to the chichewa language. So much more than I expected. I feel so happy to have experienced everything.” Ella Mival.

“Way more eye-opening than I ever expected- an incredible experience which I will never forget and hopefully will to more of in the future.” Octavia Hamilton

“Tested our qualities and set in motion new (hopefully) improved ones.” Arn Caesar

“I have enjoyed this trip much more that I thought I would and  extremely thankful to be able to have had the opportunity to come here.” Emma Wrigley

“I really enjoyed our time in the village and the people here and unbelievably kind.” Louis

“I enjoyed seeing the building sites come up out of the dirt and was happy about all f the support from the local community.” Max

“One of the most amazing trips I have ever been on and feel proud to help a community of such incredible people! Will always remember this experience.” Kitty Howard.

“Teddies parents - you can be very proud! What a great team of young people to work with. Thanks also to our fantastic leaders, Ali and Carlyn. (Thanks also to Zanah and mum for looking after Rags!!)” Rachel Bellamy

“Parents can be very proud of all that their children have achieved in such a short space of time. They have been enthralled by their experience both on project and on safari. They are now ready for the next stage in their education (either at St Edward’s or in the outside world). They’ve been great company!”
Nick Coram-Wright

What an incredible life changing experience for us all. I am inordinately proud  of all that these young people have achieved in such a short time and am honoured to have been a part of their journey.
Lisa More O’Ferrall

Thursday, 18 July 2019

Packing up for safari

Tonight’s blog 😁:

It was an early start this morning as we packed up our final belongings and said goodbye to the lovely community including Fanny (our wonderful head cook), Hilda & Stevie (Joshua representatives). 

I think we would all agree that it was a magical last night - tiring ourselves out with a makeshift disco outside Elton’s car window with the children - however the safari which we would soon experience later on in the day was incredible & brought with it some much welcomed luxury. 

The five hour long car journey was improved by the mandazie (a delicious snack we are excited to share when we are at home) and a couple of loo brakes. Altogether a good day, more on the safari tomorrow!

Lots of love,
Octavia and Ella M

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Leaving ceremony

This morning began with the preparation of food for our leaving ceremony later on in the day. We helped to prepare 5 living chickens from start to finish. It was quite the experience (especially for Max). 

Today was a very emotional final day at Masu village. At the building site, we put the finishing touches on the toilet and the classrooms with the help of a chilled out professional artist. We finished early to come back and prepare for our leaving ceremony which includes a number of speeches from a village chief, the headmaster of the local school and a council woman of Blantyre. We then headed down to the site to unveil the playground and the toilet with the cutting of 2 blue ribbons and an audience of keen children waiting to play.

We spent around 20 minutes watching the children enjoy our hard work from the previous week. We then headed back up to the ceremony where we were served a huge portion of beans, rice and cabbage except this time with chicken! 

After the ceremony had ended we signed our names in the visitor’s book and returned to camp to pack for a long journey tomorrow. 22 left for a final afternoon with the children which concluded with a dancing session around the music coming from our driver Elsen’s jeep. 

Alex (one of Louis’ children) showed off his break dancing moves. We finally said our goodbyes and began or last meal of beans, rice and cabbage. We prepared our bags for the safari tomorrow and headed to bed whilst looking forward to an early start in the morning.

Lots of love, 
Louis and Emma xx

P.S Hi Mrs vdH, sadly we won’t be able to visit the netball court in Lilongwe as it is too far away but we will be thinking of Grace”

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Technicolour seesaw!

The morning routine took place as usual and again we made our way to the site met with much simpler jobs. My morning (Sasha) consisted of teaching English nursery rhymes to a classroom of children with Tabs. When asking to be shown a typical song that they sing we were surprised to be shown a dance including twerking (every 5 - 6 year old took part).

By 10:30 it was time to hand out porridge to the 3 year olds who excitedly ate their porridge. Meanwhile on the work site the rest of the team was busy painting the toilets white, and painting the see-saw on the playground. The see-saw received a lot of praise for being very artistic. Painting throughout the day was more relaxing and enjoyable than the hard labour we had previously been doing on the construction site. For lunch we got very lucky with a new delicious meal of sweet potato and what we believed to be kale. It was so delicious, it made some of us to for seconds for the first time! (Arn).

After lunch we continued painting and we can all see that the construction site was really starting to look fantastic. The playground, a place filled with colour and fun obstacles for the children to play with. The toilets have now gotten a roof, and a white undercoat on the building and doors. Tomorrow, we will be excited to paint creatively on the bathrooms. We are all very satisfied with what we have accomplished so far, and we are looking forward to seeing the end result tomorrow.

Love to all from Sasha and Arn

Monday, 15 July 2019

Helping out at the Feeding Centre...

Today’s blog by Kitty and Max: Mwadzuka Bwanji (Good morning),

This morning for the fifth time in a row we were delighted to have porridge. After a hearty breakfast we made our way down to the building site feeling rested and ready after our day off. The morning started off a bit slower today as half of us helped out at the feeding centre serving porridge to the children and teaching them nursery rhymes and games. Others helped in the kitchen at camp making mandazies for our mid-morning break. Those at the building site were shovelling sand and painting the playground.

At 12pm we returned back to have rice, cabbage and beans for lunch and tested our luck in a game of poker. With a full team we headed back to the building site. The afternoon was packed with wheelbarrow races and some serious hoeing. Having applied the last can of primer to the seesaw in order for it to be ready for painting in the morning we headed back to camp.

After work everyone had a cold shower and did some washing. Four people helped out in the kitchen this included peeling the sugarcane which is a great hit amongst the group. To end the day we had a game of wink murder. We then went to bed in preparation for the next day to complete the finishing touches on the project

Lots of love, Max and Kitty

Sunday, 14 July 2019

Sunday best

The day started with a much needed lie in, despite being woken up late at night by a local shouting “fire!” “fire!” (Don’t worry loved ones it was a false alarm). 

We were then pleasantly surprised by the life inside the voices and souls of the Malawian choir at church, although we highly doubt they felt the same way about our singing as we prepared a version of the very patriotic hymn ‘Jerusalem’. However, to our amazement, they were waiting for more from us! 

After church Arn, Louis and Emma made their way around the village and were awkwardly bewildered when they were forcefully encouraged to take part in a different church service, making them half an hour late for lunch! 

Our meal at lunch time today proved to be varied from the others as we were presented with a plate of delicious (zokoma) potato and cabbage.

In the afternoon we were lucky enough to have the local market brought to our doorstep (literally) as the stalls came into our compound with amazing pieces of pottery, jewellery and fabrics and as could only be expected we were faced with very stubborn shop keepers making the whole group competent bargainers. 

We ended the day playing with the kids and teaching them the Macarena and how to blow kisses while they used their leftover energy trying to grab Bella’s camera to see their photos. 

Finally we ended the night with an entertaining round of Empires. We are now desperate for a good night’s sleep and are very excited for a change in schedule, teaching the younger children of the community tomorrow. 

Love Bella and Jade xoxo

Saturday, 13 July 2019


Early this morning we got up to get some water from the pump in the centre of the village (for the purpose of this story, you should know that Louis has adopted 3 sons in the previous days called D, Lawrence and Alex) on this particular morning we saw D (9 years old) driving his brother’s motorbike. He shouted “Lewis!” (because he can’t pronounce Louis). I felt proud to see my son learning to drive at such a young age. 

After changing our clothes (because we spilt water everywhere), we headed off to the building site with our entourage of children. 

We started off on the playground where we built a bus out of tyres and wooden planks for the children to play on. We then shovelled 6 wheelbarrows of cement before fixing the stepping stones into place. We were helped along the way by D, Lawrence and Alex.

This took us to lunch time where we ate a meal of rice, aubergine and cabbage. This afternoon we helped to finish plastering the toilets and loved what felt like a tonne of sand for the remaining 3 hours of the working day. Meanwhile the other group were covering themselves in more paint than ended up on the playground structures! We then came back to camp showered using a bucket before heading out for a game of football with the boys. This quickly turned into a game of rugby. 

Then we returned for dinner, blog writing and card games. We are all looking forward to a gospel church and a day of rest tomorrow. 

Hi Henry, you are now an uncle 😉 From Louis. 

I hope you are all enjoying your time in Greece and will see you soon! From Emma

Final Reflections

Each student summing up their time in Malawi... “Crazy experience and very rewarding. Hope to do similar things in the future.” Sasha Wolc...